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20,000 Leagues

I created a new game for 5 Wits' new interactive adventure show, themed “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," building a mechanical and a play-testing prototype in a month.

The game at 5 Wits Foxboro!

The game, finished by the amazing 5 Wits team, now in Foxboro, MA

Photo: 5 Wits

Game play

The game involves matching different colored liquids to their containers by using “funnel racks” to direct the liquid. Multiple strategies were developed to create game play challenging for all ages.

Sketch of game

Mechanical prototype

The prototype demonstrates the game’s ability to self-reset through a series of microcontrolled valves and pumps.

Mechanical prototype

Play testing prototype

The sketch model was tested with multiple users and received positive results for playability.

Play testing

CAD frames

The funnel racks are designed to look “steampunk,” to match the theme of the show. These templates are used to create the plastic frame, and will be machined using a router.

CAD Gears

See the adventure

5 Wits