paula te

Design Education

I'm passionate about sharing knowledge with others. In my current job, I work on integrating design education into engineering schools, creating lectures, activities, and other materials.

Teaching a lecture about portfolios, of all things!


In collaboration with MIT and King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia, I create lectures and activities related to product design.

A lecture about ideas.

Lectures include:

  1. The Design Process

  2. Creativity and Idea Generation

  3. Sketching and Rendering

  4. Perspective and Shading

  5. IP and Ideas


I facilitated a 4-day workshop in 2011 led by Barry Kudrowitz on "Ideating Discovery-Enriched Curriculum;" that is, helping teachers create hands-on activities through a workshop in creativity and brainstorming.

Hong Kong Workshop


Throughout the years I have mentored undergraduate design courses at MIT, guiding students through the design process and providing advice. (I also created print and web materials for these classes, like the masthead for 2.009!)

2012: 2.009 Product Engineering Process

2010, 2013: 2.00b Toy Product Design

2.009 Masthead


Other teaching experiences

ESP Splash: How to draw Adventure Time characters in Illustrator

Illustrator Lecture