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Gesture Viz

Using long-exposure photography, we set out to reveal the functionality of modern devices by capturing the interactions of a person doing ordinary tasks.

Finger Follows Function: Facebook

Finger Follows Function

The principle of “form follows function” seems to be increasingly challenged by modern design & technology. Indeed, almost all of our smartphones and laptops are now shaped as rectangular boxes with a glass screen. We reveal the human-computer interaction (or finger-screen interaction) in this set of photographs.

A red LED is attached to the someone’s finger, and the shutter is held open while they execute a common task like scrolling through a Facebook feed or typing up an e-mail. By keeping the camera’s shutter open, we capture the trace of the movement, revealing both the flow and density of their gestures.

Finger Follows Function: Gmail Finger Follows Function: iMessage Finger Follows Function: Maps Finger Follows Function: Twitter

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