paula te

GSA Billing System

We provided the US Government's main procurement agency with a complete set of design and usability guidelines that would simplify their online billing system for thousands of account holders.

Design recommendations for GSA

The US General Services Administration (GSA) is the government's main procurement agency; that is, they deal with purchases that any government organization makes.

While implementing a new online billing system, GSA requested to improve the user experience in order for their system to become a first-rate model for other federal billing systems to look up to.

User interviews

I helped to conduct dozens of interviews with users and administrators of the billing system in order to identify the key issues people faced while using and navigating the system.

"They have so much trouble with the registration that when they are done with it, they don’t want to go into the system anymore."

Quote from a service representative

Registration and Login

A major discovery was that users had issues even before they got to the system; the registration and login process was complicated and required multiple steps.

Wireframes in balsamiq and axure

I consolidated the process into a single registration path that responds to the user’s answer to simpler decisions along the way. The login process was also reduced from four steps to two.

Login & registration workflows

Navigation and usability

Within the system itself, navigation was also cumbersome. We simplified the system's search functionality with an easy-to-read form layout, putting the most important fields at the top.

Before and after.

We also provided design templates to update and simplify the interface.