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HP Communications

From microsites to content management to internal newsletters, I helped to create clear and compelling digital experiences for HP employees in the company's venture to update its brand and identity.

Sketching out wireframes for the HP Experience

The HP Experience

Working on various aspects of the project aided the overall goal: to provide HP with a unified, cohesive experience that resonated with its employees and its customers.

Content management

HP's multinational presence in many sectors means that its communications content is complicated to organize and a challenge to streamline. We conducted dozens of interviews to understand how HP employees managed and accessed their media assets. I organized these findings and provided recommendations for this content management.

“There are issues with workflow and access. It serves its purpose, but it is very clunky.”

Quote from an interview

Template Tool Recommendations

Template Tool Wireframes

Digital guidelines

To reach all HP employees worldwide we recommended HP keep their updated communications guidelines digitally on a microsite that would link directly to the content management system. We architected and designed the site to provide instruction as well as inspiration.


I created wireframes and specifications, as well as a login flow to ensure the site was easy to access.

Login wireframes and completed site

Communications Design

Our work in developing brand guidelines also extended to simplifying communication designs and experiences, as well.

E-mail newsletters


Worldwide employee meeting experience

Infographics showing the different types of meetings

Meeting experience