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Live Levels

Live Levels are a pair of resource consumption monitors that provide physical, immediate visualization of energy and water usage at home.

The visualizations are presented as micro-ecosystems with living organisms. Turning on energy-consuming appliances will decrease a plant’s exposure to light. Using water from a tap starts to drain the water in an aquarium with fish. Overconsumption of these resources will eventually lead to the organisms’ death, encouraging conservation.

Live Levels model the impacts of our consumption on the environment at a graspable scale; we feel responsible for the fish and the plant, as our overconsumption poses a direct threat to their livelihoods. At the same time, these models are meant to help heighten awareness of our impacts on a larger scale.

Live Levels - Prototype

The levels were created with two fish, a basil plant, arduinos, stepper motors, servo motors, and an aquarium pump. These were connected to a water flow meter and a current meter.

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