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Metro Menu

Metro Menu is a service that connects local food partners to commuters via the Copenhagen Metro, delivering meals to passengers at their destination.

Service Diagram Overview


This service was inspired by insights from shift workers who commute regularly using the Metro. Through conducting guerrilla interviews at the start of early and late-night shifts, we discovered that these commuters tend to utilize their journey time to catch up on their errands. Their odd-hour schedules made finding healthy and fresh meals difficult to fit into their routine.

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The Service

Passengers can order their food in advance (or subscribe to regular deliveries) using the Metro Menu app. The menus will be designed to be fresh, nutritious and easily assembled for delivery on short notice.

Local caterers receive the order at their Metro food truck locations, and deliver the meal in person to passengers at the platform.

Service Blueprint

Value propositions

The Copenhagen Metro is already known as a service that is efficient, quick, and convenient. We proposed Metro Menu as an addition that enhances all these values to the commuter in a way that reflects that the Metro cares for their regular passengers.

The final delivery made in person by a local food partner to the passenger adds a humanizing touch to the Metro experience. As a multi-sided platform, the Metro Menu also connects local food partners to a customer base they may otherwise miss.


Following up with some of our interviewees, we conducted three longer co-creation sessions in order to develop some of the interactions and touchpoints of our service.

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