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OK to Wake! Owl

I assisted in the final design and manufacturing stages of the OK to Wake! Owl, a product designed to help kids and parents get more sleep.

Hoot hoo! Photo: Tony Hu

OK to Wake! Owl is a product that helps kids and parents get more sleep. Parents set the owl to glow green at a time when it's "OK to Wake" mom and dad. Kids can also press the owl's tummy, and the owl will light up yellow if it's not yet time!

"This product is exactly what we needed for our early-rising toddler. Whereas she used to get out of bed at 5, she now checks if the owl has turned green, and if not, she knows she needs to stay in bed."

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I focused on the detail design and refinement testing phases of the product.

User experience

The button interface was initially cumbersome and required two hands; through testing potential users and observing their actions, a better interface was developed and exists in the final product.


Interface testing

Instruction manual

Instruction manual


As new prototypes would come in from the manufacturer, I maintained correspondence with them and ensured there were no bugs, short shots, aesthetic flaws, or design oversights.

Identifying manufacturing flaws



Web design


Print design

Print flyer

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